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The Barrister Hub 

The Barrister Hub is managed by Chambers People based at the International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC), 1 Paternoster Lane, St. Paul’s, London EC4M 7BQ

The Barrister Hub provides a virtual chambers at a prestigious London address for members of the Bar who do not require a traditional tenancy 

  • Membership costs £500 plus VAT per quarter payable in advance

  • Clerking and Administrative Support is charged at agreed hourly rates

  • Fees Clerking services are charged at an agreed hourly rate

  • The Barrister Hub can arrange for rooms for hire at hourly rates 

  • Post and deliveries to the IDRC can be made between 08.30hrs and 17.30hrs


Membership of The Barrister Hub is conditional on the barrister registering with IDRC for a virtual tenancy to comply with Bar Council and BSB regulations.

Clerking and Administration support is provided by staff from Chambers People

  • Diary and Practice Management by experienced barristers’ clerks

  • Photocopying, scanning, local deliveries, postage, all available at modest additional charges as required.

Fees Clerking Services are provided by fully trained staff from Chambers Fees

  • Estimating, negotiating and processing fees for work done

  • Fee collection services carried out by experienced clerking staff

Business Development and Marketing Services available from experienced staff

  • Practice reviews conducted

  • Business Development plans written and implemented 

  • Marketing Strategies written and implemented

  • Promotional work carried out by experienced staff

  • Commission charged for work done following an introduction

Please email or telephone 020 7583 2401 for further details