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Watch online: Criminal Legal Aid Billing Webinar

Chambers People consultant Mike Harris took part in a Webinar hosted by The Bar Council of England and Wales on 'Criminal Legal Aid Billing' in May 2021.

A former Senior Clerk at a chambers in Birmingham, Mike Harris is now recognised nationally as a leading consultant on fee systems for chambers.

The webinar would be of interest to all criminal practitioners and specialist fees clerks.

The webinar covered the following areas:

-Applying best practice in legal aid billing and reducing the chances of rejection

-Improving your day-to-day billing administration and quality control

-Reducing common errors made in claim forms

-Better understanding the issues arising under the new fee scheme and proposed changes.

Mike provides fees clerking services and training on fees procedures as part of Chambers People 'Chambers Fees service' to barristers chambers across the country.

To contact Mike Harris at Chambers People call 020 7583 2401 or email:

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